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Donation Total: $15.00

The Team Irvington Strong 2018 is a joint candidate committee with four participating candidates.  The outlined contribution limits represent a maximum that may be given to the four candidates participating in the joint committee.  Contributions to any single candidate committee of a candidate participating in the TIS2018 count against a contributor’s contribution limit and reduce the amount that may be given to the joint committee.  Contributors who have given the maximum contribution to any single candidate cannot contribute to the joint committee.


Contribution Limits are as follows:

Individuals                                                          $7,800 per election

Corporations                                                      $7,800 per election

Labor Organization                                          $7,800 per election

Groups/Associations                                      $7,800 per election

Political Committees                                       $24,600 per election

Continuing Political Committees                                $24,600 per election


  • Federal law prohibits the TIS2018 from accepting contributions from foreign nationals. Individuals who have permanent U.S. residency (green cards) may contribute, however.
  • State law (The Casino Control Act) prohibits TIS2018 from accepting contributions from companies that hold or are applicants for a casino license, including any holding company or subsidiary of a casino licensee or applicant. Contributions from officers, directors and key employees are barred.
  • It is illegal to reimburse any individual for a contribution to the TIS2018. It is illegal for individuals to accept a reimbursement for any contribution made to the TIS2018.