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About Mayor Tony Vauss

Tony Vauss, who was a former Assistant to the  Director in the Township’s Department of Neighborhood Services was elected Mayor May 13th 2014.

He campaigned on attracting new business to the township as a way to raise both revenue and the profile of the Township.

His political career as a volunteer in 2004. As a volunteer, he learned many things about the political process and desired to become involved to better serve his community. Tony founded the Tony Vauss Civic Association, which offered a plethora of community activities. These activities included adult basketball, programming for both senior citizens and children, and humanitarian meals for the less fortunate in the Irvington community.

In April 2006, Tony was afforded the opportunity to run for public office as a member of the Irvington Board of Education. Also, in June 2006, Tony Vauss was elected district leader for Northward district 2. Tony quickly emerged as one of the most influential leaders in Irvington. Under the leadership of the Honorable D. Bilal Beasley and Councilwoman Lebby Jones, Tony has successfully run campaigns on the state, county, and local levels.


Tony is currently serving his third term on the Irvington Board of Education, where he has served with honor and distinction. Tony has served as a Board Member, Vice President (three years), and presently, as the President (three years) of the Irvington Board of Education. Tony’s passion and love for the community is unwavering. He is a member of the Martin Luther King Heritage committee, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and the NAACP. Above all, Tony is a committed resident of Irvington, as well as Essex County.

As a proud resident, Tony has received awards from the Irvington Board of Education, a proclamation from the office of Irvington Mayor  for community service, two resolutions from the General Assembly of the State of New Jersey and the Essex County Board of Freeholders acknowledging his community contributions, as well as awards from local churches and clergy.

New Track & FieldTony Vauss has made the dreams of the Irvington students come true by bring the Irvington High School state of the art track and field to Irvington. 
He also managed a $2.5 million dollar surplus reserve for the renovation of the Irvington High School Track and Field. This year All of our schools, with the exception of Augusta Pre School Academy will have an active Honor Society and Student Council in the 2013-2014 school year. Tony Vauss has attended Grove Street School, Myrtle Avenue school, as well as Irvington High School.Tony Vauss has a certificate in Business Management from Berkeley Career School and is currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix to attain a degree in Business Management.

Further, Tony Vauss hosts countless events each year in conjunction with radio personalities, celebrities and sports figures, to support his benevolence for the community of Irvington. Most noteworthy, Tony has mentored, inspired and supported many of our local officials and leaders.  This dedication to servant leadership can be encapsulated by one of his favorite quotes, told to him by one of his mentors, D. Bilal Beasley, “It is a boss who tells you what to do, but a leader shows you how!”

Tony Vauss is unquestionably, a leader.

 Tony Vauss has proven time and again that he has the vision, dedication and leadership to deal with the issues that matter most to the Residents of Irvington.

•  Fighting for Public Education
•  Confronting the Affordable Housing Crisis
•  Protecting the Vulnerable
•  Promoting Business Growth and a Skilled Township
•  Helping to expanding Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare
•  Embracing Irvington’s Diversity
•  Fighting for Irvingtons’s Fair Share

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