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Public Safety

In 2021, the administration of Mayor Tony Vauss delivered the eighth (8th) straight year of historic reductions in the overall crime rate.  Since the 2014 election of Mayor Vauss, the Township of Irvington’s overall crime was reduced by 51%, representing a reduction of approximately 6,000 potential crime victims during this period.  In addition, the rate of violent crime was reduced by 72% between 2014 and 2021.

Through the outstanding efforts of Mayor Tony Vauss, Director of Public Safety Tracy Bowers and the unsung heroes and members of the Irvington Police, the Township has realized significant achievements in the area of Public Safety:

Crime History Highlights

The Crime History Highlights during the Vauss Administration are as follows:

Year Highlights
2016 Homicide Rate (4) represented the lowest since 1970
2019 Rape Rate lowest in history
2019 Auto Theft Rate (270) lowest in history
2020 Robbery Rate (109) lowest in history
2020 Total Index Crime (1,232) the lowest in history
2020 Violent Crime Rate (226) the lowest in history
2020 Non-Violent Crime Rate (1,006) the lowest in history
*2021 Aggravated Assault Rate (76) the lowest in history
*2021 Burglary Rate (58) the lowest in history
*2021 Theft Rate (439) the lowest in history
*2021 Total Index Crime (1,244) the second lowest in history
*2021 Violent Crime Rate (230) the second lowest in history
*2021 Non-Violent Crime Rate (1,014) the second lowest in history

*2021 Crime Data through December 1, 2021

Significant of Crime Rate Information

While the crime rate numbers are dramatic and historic, Mayor Tony Vauss and the members of the Division of Police believe that “the true value of what is represented in the number of crimes is what they represent in terms of the quality of life for the people who live and work in the Township”. 

 In its simplest terms:

  • less crime or violent crime translates to a smaller number of victims and victim’s families every year,
  • less crime translates to less times a family is impacted by violence each year, and
  • less violent crime translates to less fear of crime within community.

In closing, the reductions in the crime rate during the past eight (8) years also represents how the efforts of the Irvington Police has changed old perceptions about crime in Irvington and created a new reality about a safer Irvington and a Public Safety environment that supports greater opportunities for Irvington’s citizens created by a response and effective Mayor and Town Council.

Public Safety Photo Highlights