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Irvington Recreation

Recreation is not only buildings and parks, but focuses on the many activities that our residents can engage in from the youngest to the oldest. These activities/programs are designed to enhance the total individuals health and well- being. To that end, our Mayor embarked on renovating the Gatling Center where a plethora of programs were developed in a safe environment for our children and seniors. Since our Senior Center is undergoing renovations, the seniors have been relocated to the Recreation Center for their game days where they interact with each other, do line dancing classes for exercises, and use our fitness room for health.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all of our residents in Irvington by providing quality and affordable recreational activities in a safe environment. Our youth after school and adult programs consist of creative dance, art, Tae Kwon do, Virtual activities, smart TVs and gaming systems , developing skills in basketball, indoor tennis, girl scouts, boxing, piano, teen basketball, adult basketball and swimming programs for youth and seniors at Orange Park pool. In further keeping with the Mayors initiatives the Recreation Department secured grants to renovate parks and buildings in all wards of the Township that our residents frequently use, namely, Orange Park pool renovation to serve our children, daycares, and seniors.

We are currently in discussions with the school district to enclose the outdoor pool so that competitive swimming and more programs can be established year round. Chancellor Park building renovations and new playground equipment have been completed. Security cameras have been installed so residents can feel safe as they walk, run and exercise in our parks. For Little League kids, the field at Berkeley Terrace was re-done, 40th Street park was renovated to include an added kitchen, office space and a larger meeting space for programs and community usage, Grove Street playground was renovated to include a new shelter structure, paved basketball court and playground equipment wherein the schools are able to utilize for purposes of outdoor activities. All of our township parks are utilized for summer recreation and food programs each year where over a thousand of healthy meals daily are given out to anyone 18 years and under.

The Department host several events in the Township including Unity Day where thousands of families come together celebrating its diverse population, Tree Lighting spectacular at Town Hall, Memorial Day and Veterans parades, exhibitions and tournaments. We are continuing to move the Township forward as one team. Together, great things are getting accomplished.